My name is Daniel Cegla. Since 2001, I have been filming weddings – but I say ‘yes’ to only a handful each year. I am passionate about what I do, and believe in putting quality above all else.

I believe a wedding video in particular should never be approached from a mechanical, assembly line mentality. Because to me, this is an art, not an industry.

Your story is unique and should be seen and captured, wide-eyed and with a fresh perspective, not through the eyes of a burned out spirit. It is for this reason that I accept a limited number of commissions.

Each video is a love story, both for those documented in it and from myself to you. And if I’m not pouring my soul into every story, than I am simply not doing it right. I believe the difference that genuinely caring makes is evident in each and every frame.

Go on, watch a few films, and I think you’ll feel the difference as well. The visuals are stunning, but the real magic is in the story.

The Process

  • Say hello via the contact form.
  • Schedule a no pressure meeting over coffee, phone, Skype, or Facetime – whatever works best for you.
  • If we’re a good fit, I learn your story, we discuss a few creative details, and I learn your personal preferences.
  • Once your date is booked, I take care of the rest.
  • Feel free to connect with me prior to your day with any questions, concerns, or additional requests.

Technical Information

All weddings are filmed on 4K Super 35mm Digital Cinema Cameras to provide beautiful images that will stand the test of time. Professional, multi-source audio gear ensures clean capture of vows, toasts, and all the moments in between. Multiple cameras allow for the best possible coverage of your day. I select the best gear to create as unobtrusive a presence as possible, while maintaining the highest possible image quality attainable.