Your Story is Yet to Be Told

The power of film is in its ability to capture more than the way a moment looked, but the way a moment felt. This is not wedding coverage, or a simple video recording. This is your love story, captured in motion, sound, and the feelings a still photograph simply cannot convey.

Watch enough wedding videos online, and things begin to look very familiar, very quickly. It is for this reason that I accept a limited number of commissions each year. Each video is handcrafted. No formula, no templates, no cookie cutter approach.

Your story is your own. Every film looks and feels as unique as each couple. Watch a few to see for yourself.

What my customers say about me

A HUGE thank you to the very sweet, funny, and talented Daniel Cegla for doing our videography! You do amazing work, and we couldn’t be happier with the video! You helped us preserve the memories of such a cherished day for years to come. We absolutely love it.


WOW! AMAZING! So beautiful, it’s perfect! Everyone bawled and we can’t stop watching the video. Everyone says it’s so well done. Thank you again!


DUDE. You’re amazing! It’s INSANELY beautiful.


We finally got to sit down and watch the video…incredible. I cried. Wow. Just…speechless. We love it so much we are about to watch it again! Thank you for this incredible gift Dan, you are insanely talented. Thank you!


Thank you so much for all you have done – I’ve already recommended you to two people who are looking for a wedding videographer. You have shown such excellent care and willingness to go the extra mile.


Daniel is a pleasure to work with. His natural people skills, based on a rare combination of astute observation and intuition, immediately put those around him at ease.


Wow! Thank you so much, I love it!! You got shots of several things the photographer missed. Thank you!!


Daniel has a wonderful eye for setting up shots and is meticulous in his preparation. I would describe his level of work and professionalism as exceptional.  He is precise and clear and able to take charge. As a wedding or event videographer, he can be as invisible as a fly on the wall.


Amazing talent! We are so happy with the results, and working with Daniel was one of the easiest parts of our wedding!